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Baby Lock 

We are proud to be Winnipeg's Baby Lock Dealer for the last 12 years.  We have 25 models on display in our showroom and we welcome you down to see all that is available in a Sewing Machine, Embroidery Machine or Serger from Baby Lock. Below you will find all the models that we have on display in our store with a short description after each.  For a more detailed explanation on each, click on this web site: Baby Lock

In Canada, we are allowed to place some prices on the internet but not all machines.  To find out more about pricing, and the programs and plans that we offer,  please call us at 204-942-0035, email us at or stop by anytime between 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday excluding holidays!
Baby Lock Solaris, Sewing and Embroidery Machine
This is the ultimate machine - Put your projects in an entirely new light with the Baby Lock Solaris. With the revolutionary new IQ Visionary™ Technology, you’ll see how your design looks before you stitch it out! Solaris’ built-in projector displays your stitches and embroidery patterns on fabric in vibrant full color for perfect placement every time.  To check out all about the exciting new Solaris, please go to the following site:  The Exciting New Solaris
Baby Lock Destiny 2 Sewing and
Embroidery Machine

If you've been looking for your "dream" sewing and embroidery machine - the one that will carry you for years and years and years and that you'll never outgrow, look no further. The Baby Lock Destiny 2 sewing and embroidery machine is just that - a destiny realized, the pinnacle of achievement in the sewing world. A 10.1" tablet-sized touchscreen provides the perfect interface to unleash the Destiny's true potential.  With 770 built-in stitches and a top speed of 1050 stitches per minute, 11 1/4" right of the needle, stadium lighting, separate bobbin winding motor, automatic thread trimmer, completely automated needle threading, built-in operational guide with instructional video clips, and the largest single pass embroidery field in the home industry (9 1/2" x 14") - and so much more.  To see more, click on this link:  Destiny 2

Baby Lock Journey Sewing and
Embroidery Machine

Begin your next embroidery voyage with the Baby Lock Journey. Explore unknown territory with 262 embroidery designs. Embroider them all, big and small with embroidery hoops as large as 7" x 12". Then customize to your liking. It's just one of the benefits of smart Baby Lock IQ Technology. The Baby Lock Journey has numerous on-screen editing options. When it comes time to sew, you'll love the built-in decorative sewing stitch options. For sewing or embroidery, the Journey is a great choice for your next creative adventure.

For more information, click on this link:  Baby Lock Journey

Baby Lock Journey
Baby Lock Flourish 2

Add your own unique touch to every project with the Baby Lock Flourish II embroidery machine. Packed with user-friendly features, the Flourish II is powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology and includes an LCD touchscreen. You'll easily edit designs, embroidery fonts and more all in one place. Your embroidery skills will thrive like never before!

To see more on this model, click here: Baby Lock Flourish 2
Flourish 2
Baby Lock Soprano

Being a self-taught quilter, I need a machine that lets me hit the high notes with ease. The Baby Lock Soprano does exactly that. It’s easy to get started with the advanced needle threader and quick-set, top-loading bobbin. I’m all set to quilt in no time.

The Advanced Pivoting Feature is another handy tool. It makes it easy to turn corners and curves that don’t always follow “the rules” in my modern quilt patterns. I also love the Automatic Fabric Sensor System. It delivers the right amount of tension for my stitches no matter what type of fabric I’m using. And with 300-built in stitches and tons of accessory feet, I never miss a beat when I use the Soprano.

–Amy Ellis, Author & Founder of Amy’s Creative Side

To see more about this model, please click on here:  Baby Lock Soprano

Baby Lock Adventura 2 Sewing
and Embroidery Machine

Discover new paths to creativity with the Baby Lock Aventura II sewing and embroidery machine. Powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology, The Aventura II makes every step easier. Create your own designs and load them onto the machine with two-way USB connectivity or any of the 181 of built-in designs and editing features.

To Learn more about this model, click here:  Aventura 2
Baby Lock Accord

If you want to step up your creativity to include embroidery, the new Baby Lock Accord fits the bill. This machine will suit your sensibility for creating even more elegant projects with embroidery. It delivers all the features you need: 141 built-in designs, 250 built-in stitches, advanced thread cutter, Quick-set bobbin and more. Move your sewing projects to the next level with Accord!

To Learn more about this model, click here:  Baby Lock Accord

Baby Lock Lyric

Growing up in a quilting family, I was surrounded by quilts. As a voracious reader, I loved learning the stories behind each one. Every decision quilters make, from pattern to fabric, is a piece of our story. The Baby Lock Lyric is the perfect machine to help me write my own quilt stories, each one with its own melody.

The Lyric makes it easy to achieve a precise ¼” stitch, and the variety of stitches helps me customize my quilt down to the last detail. When I’m helping others learn to piece their stories, the Lyric is in perfect pitch. An advanced needle threader and quick-set bobbin give beginners the confidence to become quilters-and storytellers-too.

To learn more about this model, please click here:  Baby Lock Lyric

Baby Lock Presto 2

Start your next project and watch it get finished in no time at all. The Presto II features 100 built-in stitches and a bright LCD touchscreen that allows you to select and adjust stitches note by note. It also speeds along at 850 stitches per minute helping you get through your quilting and sewing projects fast

To learn more about this model, click here: Presto 2
Presto 2

Baby Lock Jazz 2

If you’re looking for a machine that is Big on Performance and Easy on Price, the new Baby Lock Jazz gives you both. With a 12” workspace and 1,000 stitches per minute, the Baby Lock Jazz offers a big place to create your quilt compositions. The great new thing with the Jazz 2 is the needle up and needle down button (plus programming) and the from presser foot lift arm.   The best part about this machine is that it’s easy to afford with features unlike others in its price range. Plus, Baby Lock is there to accompany you along the way. Now that should be music to your ears!

For more information on this new model, please click here:  Baby Lock Jazz

Baby Lock Verve

The perfect place to house your ideas, Verve is the perfect fit for all your embroidery and sewing projects. Compact in size, it's loaded with the features you need, like 70 built-in embroidery designs and 191 stitches. It's also built for speed with a blazing 850 SPM. If you're ready to step into the world of embroidery, the Verve is the perfect starting point.

For more information on this model, please click on this link: Verve
Baby Lock Verve

Baby Lock Brilliant

A sewing machine that’s suited for any type of project? That’s genuinely BRILLIANT! Part of the Baby Lock Genuine Collection, the Brilliant is ready to handle anything from garments to home décor to quilts with ease. Plus, it’s packed with plenty of stitches and helpful, easy-to-use features, making your next creation absolutely brilliant!

To Learn more about the Brilliant, please click here:   Baby Lock Brilliant

Baby Lock Triumph

The Triumph conquers serging in a way you never thought possible thanks to RevolutionAir threading. Thread the loopers with just the touch of a button and then thread the needles automatically with the touch of another button! You'll have more time to focus on your creativity than worrying about setting up your machine. The Triumph also has all the features you've come to expect from Baby Lock Sergers that make all your creative dreams a reality.

For more information on this model, please click here:  Triumph

Baby Lock Ovation Serger

When impossible does not exist, you’ll know you’re using a Baby Lock serger. Baby Lock was the first to introduce the world to sergers with easy air threading and no tension knobs. Now, the Baby Lock Ovation eight-thread serger brings you the largest workspace in the home serger industry. The Ovation has other innovative features like a knee lift and six bright LED lights to make every sewing project easier. Plus, you get 87 stitch combinations including the Baby Lock Exclusive Wave Stitch. The Ovation steps into a new realm of serging. From home decor to garments, it’s time for an outstanding performance.

For more information on this model, please click here:  Baby Lock Ovation

Baby Lock Acclaim Serger

Your serging is about to receive a new level of critical Acclaim! The Baby Lock Acclaim features RevolutionAir™ Threading that threads the loopers with just the touch of a button and then threads the needles with the touch of another. You’ll also serge tension-free with the Automatic Thread Delivery™ System (ATD) and the exclusive Wave Stitch will expand your creative options even further — making every one of your creations stand out like no other.

For more information on this model, please go to:  Baby Lock Acclaim

Baby Lock Imagine Serger

This is the easiest and best home serger in the world (my opinion - Rob).  Can you imagine how easy serging could be if you didn’t have to thread the machine? Look no further than the Imagine – Baby Lock’s most popular serger. This advanced home serger includes Jet-Air Threading™, which threads the lower loopers with the touch of a lever, and Automatic Thread Delivery to thread in any order.

For more information, please click on this link:  Baby Lock Imagine
Baby Lock Accomplish

If you want to make something, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish it with this machine! The Accomplish is built for speed and ready to help you make projects like quilts and purses, but it’s also tough enough to sew on thicker fabrics for upholstery and costuming. Choose your next project and then plan it, design it, make it and accomplish it with your new favorite machine.

If you would like to see more, click here:  Baby Lock Accomplish

Baby Lock Vibrant

This is it: the place where serging begins, and it leads you and your sewing skills to a dynamic future. Vibrant is the perfect introduction to the art and craft of serging, especially for garment sewers who want truly finished edges. With Vibrant, serging isn’t scary – it’s genuinely exciting!

If you would like to know more... click here:   Baby Lock Vibrant
Baby Lock Jubilant

Want a machine that’s a jack-of-all-trades yet small enough to take on the road, to a class or even to a friend’s house? Then it’s time to celebrate, because you found it. The Jubilant is ideal for a variety of sewing projects like quilt piecing, smaller home décor and even basic garments. It’s a machine that gives you plenty of genuine opportunities to let your creativity shine and be jubilant.

If you would like to see more, click on this link:  Jubilant
Baby Lock Zeal

Even your smallest projects are made with genuine zeal, no matter what they are. Zeal is the perfect choice for DIY-ers, craft ers or even someone who just needs to mend clothing. Regardless, you’re sewing it and you’re sewing it with genuine zeal.

To read more about this model, please go here:  BL Zeal
Baby Lock Zest

If you’re ready to find a new sense of excitement through sewing, you’ll find a great place to start with Zest! Whether you’re looking to put together simple craft projects or need a basic travel machine, the Zest is exactly what you need.

To read more about this model, please click here: Baby Lock Zest
Baby Lock Joy

Having to sew on a patch or fix a hem used to be a hassle, now it’s a joy! The Joy is the perfect choice for beginning sewers looking to add to their crafting opportunities or make small sewing projects around the house. You’ve just discovered the genuine joy of sewing!

To find out more about this entry level machine, go here:  Baby Lock Joy