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The Continuous Line Pantograph Pattern Roll is designed for any longarm system and is stitched through the 3 layers of a quilt. The quilting is done from side to side, top to bottom, over the entire quilt without regard to the pieced or appliqued design of the top.

How To Use Pantographs

A paper pantograph is placed on a table attached to the back of the quilting frame and the machine is moved following the pattern printed on the pantograph with a laser or light fastened to the machine. Often the quilt itself is not examined until after an entire row of the pantograph has been sewn. After one area is quilted, the quilt, on 2 sets of rollers, is rolled to expose the un-quilted area and the whole process begins again.

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Becker's Shooting Star


Bora Bora


Bumpity Pantograph


Chantilly - Pantograph


Christmas Doodle Trees Pantograph


Cool Beans Pantograph


Daisy Doodle


Danelion Pantograph


Deja Vu Pantograph


Double Bubble Pantograph


Fan Palm Pantographs


Filigree Pantograph


Lather Rinse Repeat Pantograph


Loop the Loop Pantograph


Loose Leaf Pantograph


Loose Thread Pantograph


Maple Grove


Marmalade Pantograph


Mod Dotz Pantograph


Modern Twist Pantograph


Pipeline Pantograph


Puppy Paws Pantograph


Ripples Pantograph


Scribbles Pantograph


Snow Winds Pantograph


Spilled Ink Pantograph


Splish Splash Pantograph


Star Dance Pantograph


Time Wrap


Wave on Wave Pantograph


Whisper Pantograph


Willow - Petite