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Koala Sewing Machine Cabinets.  In our opinion, Koala Cabinets are the highest quality sewing machine cabinets produced in the world. KTR Sewing is proud to be a distributor of these fine cabinets and we will ship to almost any location in Canada.

To see how these cabinets are produced, click here:  Koala Factory Tour

Features of Koala Cabinets are:

1)  Made with High Density, highest grade 3/4 fiber board with no imperfection
2)  Rounded Beveled Edges.
3) Rich Elegant Veneer
4) Remote controlled Electric Guide Lift
5) Large Capacity Full Extending Drawers
6) Multi functional Bi fold Doors.
7) Customizable Options - Width and Height.
8) Customizable Options - Shelving and Storage
9) White Glove / Top Drawer Delivery right to your home.
10) Lifetime Warranty

For more information, please go to:  Koala Cabinets Website  Then for a quote, please email us at or call us 1-888-526-6631.

Sylvia Design Sewing Machine Cabinets are a Canadian based Company out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  The produce a multitude of fine Quality Sewing Machine Cabinets and related furniture.

Please go to there website to view all that they offer:  Website for Sylvia Design

We match all existing web based pricing, include free shipping to Winnipeg and will even deliver it to your home (in Winnipeg) if needed.